Wednesday, August 20, 2008

tension !!!!!

The moment you are in tension
you will lose your attention
then you are in total confusion
and you'll fell irritation
this may spoil your personal relation
then your BP may raise caution
and you may have to take medication
why not try understand the situation
and try to think about the solution
many problem will be solved by discussion
which will work out better in your profession
don't think it's my free suggestion
it's only for your prevention
if you understand my intention
you'll never come again in tension
special buat sume form 3 yang kite tau tgh tension cam kite gak. nasihat kite jgnlah tension2 ambil ksempatan bulan puasa ni b'amal bnyak2 dan doa moga kputusan kita ok dan x ko. wak2 peksa plak ambiklah ksmpatan untuk puasa sunat 6 dlm blan syawal moga dpermudahkan amin...