Tuesday, June 16, 2009

result.... TT

arghh !!!!
this time
it's a loud sigh
really loud
since school had started
the result have been revealed
and today
sorrow, unhappy, surprise, shock, craziness
come together to my heart
until i don't know how to react anymore
i mean it.
the result is superb worst
unimaginable thing that happen to me
you know,
the mark is really high
i mean per180, 150
all above 100
and the paper is really thick
even though we does not get all paper yet
but my file is already full
give me a culture shock
couldn't write anymore
just too sad
how would my dad react about this??
just thinking,
already making me scare....
NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!

........ peace no war TT

dedication to dad

to my beloved dad
happy birthday !!!
wish u
a bright, healthy and happy day
luve u

......peace no war XD

Sunday, June 14, 2009

time fly

huhu T-T
holiday will end soon
and there is still
a lot of undone work
2 weeks to me
like 3 days
bio and history note..
my messy cupboard...
book is still everywhere..
can i still go to school
like this
well, with
a big determination
i believe i can
just afraid about the result

let me tell you
how i spend my holiday
but this time in malay

sabtu,ahad pergi knduri termasuk knduri kakak aliyak, pastu isnin smpai rabu tak buat pape sgt, most of the time surf internet pasal suju, then khamis kemas bilik yg dh berbuln x kemas and besoknya kemas beg, then ptang 2 trus bertolak balik kg a.star. sabtu smpai isnin knduri bila cmpur2 rasanya smpai 7 buah rmah, smpaikan kg penuh dgn beg knduri dan tlur rebus. rabu je smpat duduk umah, rehat, x gi mane2, hr khamis bgn pagi trus gi ikut m.teh jln2 pekan a.star bli kain, pastu balik rehat kjap makan tgh hari, pastu pg plak sgi petani n bedung, dapatla makan bufet sedap giler, smpai kg dah pkul 12 tgh mlm. jumaat bgn2 trus mandi. kmas beg sbb dh nak balik, sblum balik, kitorg pegi melawat org meninggal, pastu pegi tajar, ada knduri. habis makan knduri, pegi kg lg satu dkat kulim, tp kejap je. smpai rumah pkul 3 pg. sabtu badan amat pnat, tp sempat lagi pegi kdai alat tulis. ttapi dsebabkn penat yg amat, x ikut mak pegi pasar mlm n rumah saudara, malam 2 pun tido awal. hari sabtu pagi2 gi srapan, balik kjap, gi senai tmpah baju, blk kjap gi knduri, blk kjap gi angsana plak, smpai umah dh malam. so, tggal hari ahad je. selain dari mkan knduri, kat kg saya juga cbuk mengasuh adik sedara br lahir, maklumla anak bongsu, jakun ckit tgk baby, n saya juga cbuk bntu mak key-in mrkah mate, f.2 yg mak ajar.

how fast time fly
2 weeks
but only
15 lines

...... peace no war XD


sound of sigh
school will start soon
and I
still not ready though
there is a lot to think
result ?
homework ??
wake up 6 am everyday ???
well, i wonder so much
why I'm still not get used to it
even though
i have been trough all this
for 9 and a half year
but one thing for sure
school is still rawk
no matter what
it's such a waste
to let go
this stage
full of
memory, haengbok, tears, challenge
that might help me
to get trough
this life

....... peace no war ; p