Tuesday, June 16, 2009

result.... TT

arghh !!!!
this time
it's a loud sigh
really loud
since school had started
the result have been revealed
and today
sorrow, unhappy, surprise, shock, craziness
come together to my heart
until i don't know how to react anymore
i mean it.
the result is superb worst
unimaginable thing that happen to me
you know,
the mark is really high
i mean per180, 150
all above 100
and the paper is really thick
even though we does not get all paper yet
but my file is already full
give me a culture shock
couldn't write anymore
just too sad
how would my dad react about this??
just thinking,
already making me scare....
NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!

........ peace no war TT

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